Investment case

Brand strategy and vision

The Brand and our History

Bambuser’s history is steeped in mobile live video technology. From the beginning, Bambuser has been at the forefront, leading the charge in live video streaming. The Bambuser platform was one of the world’s first live video sharing channels, especially with the capability of live streaming via a mobile device. The Bambuser service was an interactive mobile video streaming platform which enabled users to effortlessly stream and share live video using a smartphone or through computer equipped with a webcam. Such live streams were then made available on the Bambuser platform for other users to view or could be pushed to a social media websites.

Bambuser has received global media acclaim over the years for the part it played in citizen journalism. From Arab Spring to other instances of unrest across North Africa and the Middle East, citizens used Bambuser’s platform to live stream videos of protests, demonstrations, sit-ins, and acts of civil resistance and disobedience. The Bambuser platform was both an instrument for rebels to coordinate their efforts, but it was also key in spreading the word about the protests to the outside world and casting a light on the whole situation.

In 2014 Bambuser diverted it’s attention away from the Bambuser platform and it B2C offering, to concentrate on a new Business-to-Business proposition, allowing access to it’s world-class technology for other businesses. Since that time, B2B has been the company’s core focus, and our team has been dedicated to continuing making the technology the most reliable and cutting-edge mobile live video platform of its kind. We pride ourselves on the robustness of our solutions and the ultra-low latency we achieve for our customers. We manage all this while being extremely easy to use and rollout across organizations.

Strategy and Vision

Crafted in Sweden and Finland, Bambuser is built on a rich Nordic heritage of impeccable eng­ineering paired with clean and simple design. Driven by an obsession to simplify the most complex tech­nology and things, we built our technology to unleash simple, good (well, let’s not be so Nordic — awesome actually) and un­decorated frameworks, tools, and infra­str­ucture to devel­opers everywhere. We built it so that you can create beau­tiful things on top of it. By offering lightweight and simple APIs, Bambuser allows developers to instantly integrate world leading, proven and scalable end-to-end live video broadcasting in any app – saving 1,000s of hours of R&D and implementation time, minimizing time-to-market and maintenance.